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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

T+7 Superstar Coleson

Today the Dr. gave Coleson his Superstar award of the BMT ward.  He really has been doing well; getting out of bed to play everyday and still drinking and eating at least one little thing a day.  Yesterday it was a Cheeto, the day before a gummy bear.  However,  T+7 thru T+21 are also notoriously known to be the hardest days.  The new marrow has not yet engrafted and his own has been depleted.  His white blood cell count is less than 0.1 (normal range is 6.0 - 17), platelets are at 16 (normal is 150 - 450).  Needless to say he is petering out a bit.  He has lots of energy for cuddling but not much more than that however he still managed some play time today.  This is the critical time in the BMT process so we really need your prayers over the next couple weeks. 
My best friends (Emily, Nikki and Jaimee) from home (Michigan) came for a short visit and we pampered Peyton taking her to lunch and her first haircut and mani-pedi.  She wanted a short haircut (but not as short as Coleson's) but I only let them take 2 inches.  Other than that I fear it's the calm before the storm and someday soon we he will start to get more physically sick.