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Monday, July 29, 2013

Bald and Beautiful!

Today we had to shave Coleson's head.  It was his first haircut and he didn't like it at all!  I think he wears it well though!  He's been doing great though a bit more restless the past 2 nights and just seemed a bit more uncomfortable so we upped the Morphine.  We also got a bit of a jolt from our post BMT bliss when his CSA levels came back abnormally high.  CSA is the graft vs. host disease drug cyclosporine.  So they had to redraw labs and try to take a peripheral lab straight from a vein...which is difficult due to his tiny veins and thick skin.  It took about 15  to 20 minutes to due a toe prick and slow drop by drop collection to get 1 ml of blood.  Turns out the lab came back in normal range which means most likely it was a nursing mistake on the original lab draw.  She must have taken it from the line where the meds go through.  I'm so glad I put my son through  20 mins of pain for a nursing mistake!  We had a Skype night tonight with Cathie, the Nelson's, Lauri, Kim, Suzette and kids, and then grandma and grandpa.  Coleson's got all fired up and played hard for an hour!  Who forgot to tell him that he just had a BMT?!