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Thursday, July 25, 2013

T=0 and T+1 Our little boy becomes a new man!

At 1:42am (11:42pm Phoenix Time) our little boy became a new man..quite literally (the donor was a 39yr. old male but that is all we know about him).  I'm not sure which "birth" I cried more at and I didn't even take any pain meds for his first birth.   It was a long day of waiting as we were originally told it would be at 1:00pm but by yesterday morning it had changed to 4:00 - 5:00pm.  Then it changed to 7:00 - 8:00pm.  We were getting nervous when they couldn't even verify that the marrow had arrived in Minneapolis.  Due to donor confidentiality the process of donating, transporting and transfusing blood marrow is topic secret.  I don't even think the Government knows the details of these logistics!  So we waited, and waited and waited some more.  Fortunately by the afternoon he was playful and happy again.  Finally at 1:00am they said that they had the blood at the hospital.  It was a very high concentration of blood cells and so they actually were able to store 2 more bags of it that Coleson didn't need and hopefully will not need in the future.  There is a chance they may have to transfuse more if it doesn't engraft but we are praying this will not be the case.  That is the one benefit of marrow vs. cord blood that you can transfuse more if needed.  The transfusion was over by about 2:30am.  He had a rough rest of the night; running a fever, vomiting, bad diapers, and overall just seemed in pain.  They are starting morphine today.  Thank you to all our Coleson Courage Supporters who sent us pictures in your BMT Day T-shirts.  Thank goodness the marrow arrived when it did or those t-shirts would have been outdated!  (We are using Arizona Time). We finally got to hang the medal of honor (The BMT sign) on our door. 

Grandma and Coleson waiting for blood marrow