Welcome to Coleson's blog. We've created it to keep friends and family updated on the journey we are about to embark on.. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

T+3 So good to be on the "+" side of things!

Had some good days since the BMT.  He has slept well and hasn't gotten sick.  He's even gotten up and played a few times and enjoyed some breadsticks and apple juice last night.  We were waiting for him to show us his dinner again last night but he held it down like a champ.  Docs say he is doing well.  It takes about 7 days for the new cells to start growing so they won't even start taking blood cell counts until next Wednesday.  I am so proud of my baby boy. His hair is starting to fall out on his pillow and I know the day will be coming soon that we will have to give him his first hair cut.. I love his hair and hope that it comes back in the same color.  (He could pick up the color of his donor or a a mixture). 

Peyton misses home and all of her friends.  I showed her the BMT day pics of her friends and she got a little sad.  It will be a long 100 days for her.  There are a lot of kids at the RMH but some are only here for short stays, some are in & out of the hospital and some are just not as outgoing and independent as Peyton.  I hope she meets a friend soon that she can look forward to seeing regularly.  We are going to my friend Nicole's house this afternoon to play with her girls and jump in a bounce house that her neighbor is putting up. 

Grandma and Grandpa left late last night.  Things are going to seem a little calmer for them considering they've been with Peyton for the past 4-5 weeks. 

Paul got to play golf yesterday (for work) but it was probably the ugliest day we've had here since arriving.  It was cold and rained off and on all day.  Today has returned to it's sunny self, a bit colder but sunny. 

The support from all of you has been fantastic.  I wish I could bottle up all the prayers and love that all of you are sending and have him drink it down.  He would be the healthiest little boy alive.  Don't be afraid to call us.  If we can't take your call, we'll listen to your voice mail and it will brighten our day.  We're also setting up a few Skype (& facetime) dates with friends. It's a good way to get to see Coleson!

My phone number is 480-321-9473 and Paul's is 602-284-9271 Skype:  PaulandCaraDavid