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Sunday, July 21, 2013

T-3 Starting to slow down...just a little

Doses of chemo to date = 17 
Doses of chemo left = 6
BMT in 3 days

Coleson is starting to slow down, just a bit.  He's gotten sick the last 2 days but seems to bounce back afterward and it is usually predicated on something in his stomach, either food or meds.  So he is being a cuddlebug today (which I don't mind) but still smiling and playing as well.  We know the worst is yet to come and it typically is 7 - 14 days after BMT when the new marrow hasn't engrafted yet and he doesn't have his own anymore.  We are kind of anxiously awaiting this day just for it to be behind us.  I am glad though that Peyton will get to see her brother feeling and looking good before she sees him at his worst.  My parents are bringing her "home" tomorrow.  Last night Rachel stayed the night with Coleson and Paul and I stumbled upon fireworks marking the end of the Minneapolis Aquatennial.  We were in the hospital for July 4th so it was nice to get to see them this year, though it is really hard to celebrate much these days.    I skyped with Janice (AZ friend) today which was a nice break from my day.  If anyone else would like to Skype us, we are at PaulandCaraDavid.