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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

T-7 Coleson 3, Chemo 0

Coleson has had 3 doses of the chemo Cytoxin and so far is doing well.  He is still energetic during the days and seems to be feeling good with the exception of 2 small vomiting episodes.  He is sleeping well at night as well. He is starting to slow down on eating and drinking and I'm sure we will be switching to g-tube feeds within a few days.  I think this is the "honeymoon" period of chemo and it will take a few days for the side affects to kick in.  It is a gradual build up which is welcomed after the immediate in your face side effects of the Campath.  Tomorrow is his last day of Cytoxin and then we switch to 4x daily doses of Busalfen.  These are 2 hr transfusions @ 4am/pm and 10am/pm. 
Rachel arrived last night and is going to stay with Coleson this evening so Paul and I can go for a run.  Speaking of which I need to send a big Thank You to Sole Sports or the wonderful care package they sent full of toys, games, puzzles, crafts, etc.  and some running maps/shirts for us.  This was an amazing surprise.  I'm sure Claudia had something to do with this as well so I thank her as well.  We continue to get support from colleague and friends via emails, cards, etc. and each one is very appreciated.  I am finding little time to update my blog much less send personal thank yous so I hope you all know that we do appreciate each piece of support no matter what form it takes.  I am really focused on keeping Coleson's development going while he has the energy to do so when he is awake it is mostly play time, singing and dancing and reading.
Today was Peyton's last day at Aunt Ems where she had so much fun.  Less than 1 week until Grandma & Grandpa bring her back... and I can't wait, although I know it will be hard for her to see Coleson in the hospital.  1 week from today is his transplant day.  The procedure itself is pretty uneventful but the significance unquantifiable.