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Friday, August 2, 2013

T+9 The Storm Hit

Right on schedule, the "storm" hit yesterday.  They said the roughest days are T+7  thru T+21 and as if on cue, the mucositis (chemo strips away the lining of mouth and GI track leaving sores and swelling), the drooling, the vomiting, the chills, fevers, shakes.  Yesterday was T+8 but technically, it was only 7 days after transplant considering his transplant got delayed until 1:42am.  His breathing is loud and labored.  He is retaining fluids a bit.  Not his best picture day today.  Good news is that is WBC count went from <0.1 two days ago to 0.1 yesterday and today.  He eventually needs to get into the double digits so you can see how far he has yet to go.  He's not able to do much at this point but cuddle and sleep and watch Umi Zoomi.  Despite all this, the Dr.s say he is doing very well.  It makes me feel for the families who have it worse than us and appreciative and proud of how strong he is. 

Peyton is off with Janna and her grandkids at Como Zoo. We are trying to keep her away from the hospital until brother looks and feels better.  She is having so much fun with the kids at the RMH that I don't think she wants to come anyway. We are planning on going to the Minnesota Zoo on Sunday with Dina.

I was very fortunate to have my 3 best friends from college (Michigan State) here for a quick visit.  The timing was perfect as it gave me a good bump of support right before the hardest part.  Not sure how much I will want to leave him over the next couple weeks.  Though Rachel (our nanny) has been a big help trading off watching Peyton and Coleson.  Paul of course is capable too but he does better at playing with him and right now he needs more cuddles than play time.  It's best to have him stay with Peyton.