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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

T+14 Rock Star Coleson!

WBC = 3.3
Neutrophils = 2.4

It is a beautiful day here in Minneapolis. We had Thunderstorm and golf ball size hail last night. Coleson keeps impressing the docs with his counts. He is at the levels where he can leave his room with a green mask on and roam the halls of the BMT ward. He can't leave the ward yet but hey, he hasn't seen the outside of his room for 24 days so that is progress! He also has got his hearing aids today. He doesn't like his ears messed with so I'm sure it will be a challenge getting them on everyday but he will eventually get used to it. He only has mild hearing loss but it is the high-pitched sounds like "Shh" which used to calm him so much as an infant. I'm so glad he will hear this sound again. He also sat up in bed by himself and played with OT and speech therapy. PT came in late in the afternoon to play with him but he was bit tired and "feisty" by that point. He pointed today to his sippy cup and actually took a drink. He gagged a bit on it but the fact that he took a drink was impressive (since he's been on IV feeding for the last 2 weeks) and you might not have realized but before BMT he couldn't (or didn't) point with just his pointer finger. I think all the time he has spent watching Umi Zoomi on the IPAD has really paid off (along with the BMT of course!). He is learning how to use his pointer finger without the rest of his fingers. He is getting a transfusion of IVIG (infection fighting hemoglobin stuff) tonight as his levels are still a bit low and Paul now is on the z-pack as well since he woke up with sore throat yesterday and today. Peyton continues to have fun with friends, today was Disney day at the RMH