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Thursday, August 15, 2013

T+22 Farewell Room 4138!

Farewell Room 4138
You really did treat me great
32 days and nights
I gave it my best fight
I really can no longer stay
It's time for me to run and play
With Peyton, my big sis
It is her I truly miss
Thanks to all the nurses & assts., you all were great
For taking good care of me, I really do appreciate
All the diapers, meds, blood and tears
And for putting buttpaste on my rear
And to the PAs, Fellows and Docs
Let me simply say, you all Rock!
Dr.s Orchard, Lund and Miller
This BMT is really killer
Because of you, I am a new man
I promise to do the best I can
To get back in action fast
And to make this new marrow last
Don't forget my personality
Or my love for Umi Zoomi
Don't be sad to see my go
Just remember my warm greeting, "No, no, no"
Room 4138 it's time for me to say goodbye
It's bittersweet, I won't lie
It will be a little scary to go
But it's time to go make these cells grow!
Thank you University of Minnesota - Amplatz Children's staff!

Nurses:  Deb, Linda, Anna, Em, Katie C., Rachel, Tracey, Erin, Ashley, Gretchen (who gave me my donor marrow at 1:42am) to name just a few.  I didn't create a special Care team as you all were great.
Nursing Assts; Sarah, Danielle, Paige, Sartu and others for the baths, dressing changes and everything else you did to make my stay comfortable and safe.  Though you treated me well, I hope I don't see you again.
Chaplain LaDonna for blessing me.
PAs/Fellows/Pharmacists, Dieticians, Social Workers and the others that rounded every day; Sarah, Hillary, Luis, Marie, Maggie I am sure I'll be seeing some of you at the Journey Clinic over the next 78 days.

And of course to the amazing BMT Drs. that specialize in my rare condition, Hurlers; Dr.s Paul Orchard, Troy Lund and Wes Miller.