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Thursday, August 29, 2013

T+36 New Room - Different View

Coleson was re-admitted to the hospital yesterday as the Doctors were concerned about his Oxygen Saturation level and that he still hasn't fought off this cold. They took X-Rays on Monday and the left lung was clear but the right lung was cloudy, indicating infection. They sent us home on a new antibiotic (Levaquin) with which I had to stop his G-Tube feeds for 2 hrs twice a day so the antibiotic wouldn't bind with the contents. I actually thought he and acted better than he has in the past week yesterday. And he hadn't vomited the past 2 nights and not at all during the day yesterday. However, I also thought it would be a welcome break from "Murse" responsibilities as well and some flow by Oxygen might give his lungs a much needed boost. So we settled into our room - seems a bit bare from his original room.. No big banner on the wall, no pictures on the door, no stars decorating his walls. However, I don't intend to stay long enough to make it homey. This room is on the west side of the ward so I get to overlook downtown Minneapolis. I have a good view of the metrodome where the Vikings are playing their first game tonight. The nurse suctioned out his nose and he sats looked good the rest of the day. He had to have more cultures done and a CT scan done. The CT scan showed basically the same thing as the X-Ray on Monday, which is an infection in the right middle lung (bacterial Pneumonia). They have him on a stronger antibiotic now that can only be given in the hospital so not sure how long we will have to stay. I was hoping it would only be a night but his Ox. Sats were awful last night. The nurse had to come in several times to readjust the flow by cup. He was dropping below 92%... he needs to be registering 97% - 100% to release him. They also are starting albuterol treatments and another antibiotic (the docs just rounded so made this change). So I have a feeling we will be here a couple more nights. I just hope we get home by Sunday when Peyton and Grandma return.

Thanks for letting me have my pity party and for all the words of encouragement.  I am doing much better today as I have to be for Coleson's sake.  It also helped to Skype with Peyton a couple times this week.  She gets a little sad when we Skype as she wants to be with us so we didn't see/talk to her the first week she was gone.

Today is also our 5 year wedding anniversary. I never thought I would spend it in the hospital. Paul has been a rock throughout this process, I don't know how he does it. He has a much more positive attitude than I do. It took me a while to find the right one but going through times like this really makes me appreciate him all the more. He is actually flying back form Arizona today, hopefully he can make it back at through all the traffic that is expected in downtown Minneapolis as the Twins, the Vikings and Gophers all have home games and the State Fair is going on just 5 miles away.