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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

T+60 Starting to Count Down

Well we finally are past the half way mark and we are now starting to count down the days until we leave.  As Peyton would say, 40 is less than 50, and 50 is less than 60, and 60 is less than 100!  With the help of the steroids, Coleson's sats are back up into the high 90s.  Though already just 1 day off he is starting to get congested again.  While on steroids he improved every day and was eating like a little linebacker!  We were totally off his G-tube feeds for a few days, however his appetite has slowed down today already so we will probably hook him back up.  As far as the BMT goes, he is doing remarkably well.  He has not had to have any transfusions and is staying in normal ranges.  He is starting to grow the furry hair all over his body...Not even sure he will need the monkey costume I got him for Halloween!  He has been a spitfire on the steroids and talking up a storm.

Peyton has the flu which makes life in this 1 bedroom living area a bit challenging.  I am doing laundry non-stop and spraying Lysol everywhere. Even on Rachel and myself when necessary!  Paul had to go back to Phoenix this week so he is fortunately missing all the fun!  Although he is having his own fun fixing everything that has broken over the course of the last 3 months.  Dead batteries in the car and tractor, broken well, leaking landscape water pipe...   

Peyton continues to crack everyone up around here.  We have had a pretty exciting week. First Rachel's friends Brian and Jenna came for a visit then Grandma and her 3 sisters came and then my friend Christina and her daughter came.  She went to the Mall of America to ride rides 3 days in a row!  She got a bit worried when we put her carseat in Grandmas car.  I had to reassure her that she was not going to grandma's house!  The Timberwolves held a press conference At the RMH announcing ths signing of Ronny Turiaf and we have video of He and Peyton playing ball.  She is enjoying going to gymnastics again though I am afraid we'll have to miss tonight due to her flu.  My co-worker, Dina, has her son In the same class.  We also took Peyton to her first college football game.  The colors were maroon and gold but it wasn't ASU...I can't believe her first game was the golden gophers!  She has said a couple amazing things lately.  First she was telling someone that her brother's curls were all gone.  I thought she meant his hair, though it wasn't curly.  A couple days later she was talking in the car and i realized she was saying "curlers" and what she meant was "hurlers".  It's the first time I've heard her refer to Coleson's "owies" by name.  It's hard for her to understand that he's been in the hospital for so long and isn't all better...for me too.  She also was talking about getting a haircut-yes yet another, her 3rd since the end of July.  She said she wanted to get her hair cut short so Coleson's could come back.  I wish it was that simple.  She is a good big sister!

I have been very busy as always trying to maintain my job, Coleson's schedule, Special time with Peyton and my sanity! Paul and I did get a date night when grandma and aunts were in town.  Though Paul was a bit sick so it wasn't great timing.  I am starting to go stir crazy in this little place and started packing on Sunday.  It's amazing what you accumulate here! And we have been blessed with lots of care packages, cards, stars, etc. along the way.  Good thing we are flying home and Paul is driving home as we will need the extra room in the Xterra for everything.  We hope to be home the first week of November!  Get those flu shots so we can hang out!