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Friday, September 13, 2013

T+50 part II Never would have thought...

My mother earned her angel wings 33 years ago after a 3 year battle with cancer.  I never would have thought that on this same day 33 years later, I would be sitting in a hospital room, discussing with doctors and specialists what to do for my son in order to raise his oxygen levels.  Nor would I have thought that any other disease would be even more devastating to me than cancer.   I never would have thought that I would rather be at MRR with the rest of my colleagues as opposed to being here.  
Paul and I were interviewed tonight by the RMH for their yearly promotional video about our journey and staying at the RMH house... I couldn't do it without getting choked up..nor could he!  I did however hold it together to say that fellow Honeywellers were  going to be providing dinner for the RMH on Coleson's birthday, October 4th.  Thanks Janna for organizing.  Please keep RMH in mind when you are considering charitable donations. As I described it, the RMH is "priceless".