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Thursday, September 12, 2013

T+50 Still not holding Oxygen

Well, We were back in clinic today and Coleson's Oxygen level is in the 80s...and that's even when he is awake.  They were contemplating whether to re-admit him, just so they can keep a closer eye on him, give him blow by oxygen as needed, etc. They called in a pulmonary specialist to assess him.  He suggested to put him back on steroids for 10 days and Cypro -  some pretty hardcore antibiotics.  I have to stop his g-tube feeds for 3 hrs.  at each dose as it interferes.   They hope by Sunday, he will turn the corner.  If he worsens, they are going to go down his bronchial and clean out his lungs.  I am hoping they won't have to do this as it sounds pretty serious and of course another sedation that in itself is so risky.  Please send us your thoughts, prayers, love or whatever you got!