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Monday, September 1, 2014

Lots of "Firsts"

First of all, notice I did not prefix this post title with the days post BMT.  Now that we have surpassed the 1 year mark, it's time to stop living by the number of days post BMT.  It's also time that my baby becomes a little boy and so we've done several little boy things.  First we went to the dentist.  Peyton loved the X-rays of her teeth...she is fascinated with bones...and despite being a little nervous actually enjoyed getting her teeth cleaned.  I think she liked playing with the water gun and suction more than anything.  Coleson did not enjoy the X-rays but we managed to get 1 of his front teeth which revealed a cavity behind his front tooth.  The Dentist said he would not have caught it without the X-ray but it needs to be pulled.  It's either that or a baby root canal which leaves the possibility of infection which we need to avoid at all costs... in this case a missing tooth until his adult one grows in in about 3-4 years. 


Then it was his first official hair cut.  The only other hair cut he's had was post-BMT when we had to shave it.  There were lots of tears during that one..both his and mine... but this time it was a much better experience for both of us.  He got to sit in a "car" salon chair and watch a movie.  He looks so handsome with his big boy haircut and for those of you worried that his curls would be forever gone... they're not.  He's still got his curls in the front and on top and already his hair is starting to show curl in the back. 

He also started Gymnastics.  A parent and tot class so that I can ensure he doesn't do anything that would compromise his back and neck.  But those of you who know me, know that I want to encourage as much gross motor skill development as possible, even turning my own house into a mini gym.  I am struggling to find a pediatric developmental physical therapy place that my insurance covers which is within a reasonable distance as we spend a lot of time in the car going to appts.  I have found a rehab/physical therapy place that my neighbor Teresa works at which is not necessarily for pediatric development skills but will give him some stretches. 

Lastly he got a big boy room inclusive of a bunk bed and new wall decals of Cars. His sheets are Thomas the Train and Cars.  I think Peyton is equally as excited to play on his new bed.  Peyton got the queen bed that was in Coleson's room before.  She's not sure if she likes the bigger bed as she really like her full bed. 

He has an allergy apt, a new pediatrician, and a cardiologist apt and a dental surgeon coming up in the next couple weeks so we can determine which surgeries (PDA in his heart, tooth extraction) he needs and when.  Also he will start to get his newborn immunizations. 

Paul and I also had our first get away to Sedona for our anniversary.  It was a quick 24 hrs. but we packed as much fun, exercise and relaxation as we could.  We had an amazing room view and some good hikes and pool/hot tub time.  It sure beats last year's anniversary in the hospital. 

We are getting ready for the Be The Match fundraiser on September 27th and the run on October 25th.  They are going to do an article on Coleson.  More details to come in a separate post.

Lastly the Ronald McDonald House's dog Jerry passed away from Cancer.  He spread so much joy to the families at the RMH and ironically helped heal many cancer patients.  It's another sad loss to those of us who knew him. 

As always it's been very busy 'round here.  I may not post as often as I'd like to but being the mother of a very special boy and girl too, while working full time,  is more challenging