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Thursday, May 8, 2014

T+282 Oh Peyton

It's time I dedicate one of these posts to my other Hurler kid, because when you have one special needs kid, all of your kids have special needs.  You have to work extra hard as a parent to ensure that all of your kids feel like they receive the same amount of attention as the one that requires the special attention.  I have to say, Peyton has been the best daughter and big sister in the world...of course I'm biased! Precocious Peyton, aka Miss P., aka Sweet P, aka.. many other special nicknames, has taken all of our life adjustments in stride. She is curious about all of the medical stuff and loves to go to the hospital, play with the OT, Connie, get her blood pressure taken, her heart rate and all the other medical things that Coleson "gets" to do.  She is sad when she doesn't "get" to do them with Coleson.  
Besides being the best big sister patient ever (and wanting to be a nurse or a doctor), she has become an amazing swimmer, gymnast and horseback rider!  Since heating the pool this winter (knowing this is one thing Coleson will eventually be able to enjoy), she has become a fish!  Or rather a mermaid.  She swims back and forth the length of the pool, under water the short ways and above water the long ways.  She can dive down and get a small key ring off the bottom of the floor as well.  
She has gotten to "ring the bell" at gymnastics a few times recently and her fearlessness enables her to try all the scarier tricks.  You should see her bounce around our house from the balance beam to the back of the couch to the trampoline to the crashpad.  Our house has become a min-gym, mostly to help Coleson's gross motor skills but Peyton obviously loves the new equipment as well!  I think I've already mentioned how she has aced the monkey bars and has the blisters to prove it!
She also is starting to ride her horse, Tony, all by herself; completing turns and stops all on her own, much to Paul's delight!  We don't own Tony but I can predict we'll be buying another horse in our future.  A new horse is nothing to Coleson's yearly medical bills after all!   
And lastly she is just finishing her first year of school where she has made several friends.  She aced all of her objectives and the teacher commented that she is very compassionate.  And I agree.  She always sticks up for her friends (in a nice way) and mediates any disputes.  She shares very well.  She also wears her heart on her sleeve and does get very hurt, "Mommy my heart hurts" when someone says something mean to her or doesn't want to play with her.  She will do anything for her friends.  Her teacher also mentioned what a good story teller she is.  And she is, although she likes to tell stories when she really shouldn't as well.  She does have quite an imagination though.  And the things she says continue to crack me up.  Sometimes I have to laugh before addressing the reason she's upset from some of her comments.  If my memory was better, I'd give you more examples, but it's pretty much turned to mush!  She also sometimes breaks out in a British accent like Peppa Pig.  She always sounds much more polite when she does this!
Thanks for letting me post (Ok, Brag) about Peyton.  Don't get me wrong, she does have her moments, but overall I am so proud of her.  I know how hard it was for me as a little girl to adjust to some of my life's big adjustments and though she does get frustrated with Coleson every now and then (what siblings don't?!), she really has weathered this storm very well.  I hope she continues to do so as the storm ebbs and flows for the rest of Coleson's life.  

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