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Friday, June 21, 2013

Vegas Baby!

Ok so it's Las Vegas, New Mexico!  A little different than the "other" Vegas.  We spent a beautiful morning in Albuquerque after arriving a little after midnight.  We rode the tram ride up Sandia Peak.  It was a balmy 54 degrees.  A little different than the 110 we left in Phoenix.   Unfortunately we did not make it to the Honeywell site in ABQ as Coleson cashed out after the tram ride and we needed to get as many miles in while we had the chance.  We stopped in Santa Fe and had lunch at a park so the kids could play and then got back in the car for another 5 hrs. of driving.  The kids have been good travelers so far.  Hope to make it to Colorado Springs by 7. Thanks to all who sent us gifts for the kids (& us) for the car ride.  We are following the map from Aunt Em, although a little off course, eating the gummies from Kim, and thankfully have not had to use the dammit doll from Amanda.  We hope to enjoy all our gifts we've received over the course of the next few months.  Oh and thanks for all who collected soda tabs.  We have a couple gallon bags full to give to the RMH.  Lastly, I created a Facebook group called Coleson's Courage for those that are Facebook users.  I traditionally have not been one myself but I find it is a good way to collaborate, especially as now my updates will be daily.  It is a private group so if you want an invite, please email me.