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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Seven Falls and "Peyton"

We woke to a beautiful Colorado Springs morning and headed to see Seven Falls.  Peyton and I walked up the entire set of stairs to the top of the falls.  She even wanted to hike the 1 mile trail but we had left Coleson and Daddy at the bottom so we decided against it.  I don't call her Tenacious P for nothing!  Then we drove through Peyton.  It is a no light little town with a post office and a general store and nothing else.  Peyton thinks this is where she was born!  The rest of the 7.5 hr. drive was pretty boring.  Not much to see in NE Colorado, NW Kansas and Southern Nebraska.  Well unless you count the cows, small towns And fields.  Oh and I can't forget to mention the world's largest prairie dog!  We didn't make that stop.   We plan to make it to Lincoln by 10pm.  The kids are both sleeping now so I am willing to bet we will hear UmiZoomi on the iPads most of the night!  Next stop Minneapolos!