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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

T+83 My Turn, My Turn

Where do I begin???  A lot can happen around here in 11 days!  First, last Monday, Coleson reminded us why we are all here... His Oxygen level was at 82% when we were in clinic.  After much hesitation, the dr. agreed to not admit him as long as his oxygen levels responded to an Albuterol neb treatment...which it did, although only temporary since Albuterol is only a fast acting, short lived drug.  So after a long day at clinic, we were sent home with 4x daily Albuterol nebs, steroids and azythromycin, yet another antibiotic.  We had to check in daily for oxygen level sats.  On Tuesday, his oxygen was in the mid-80s, by Wednesday low 90s and by Friday mid-90s.  Yesterday it was 98% and his lungs never sounded better,which you would think I would be ecstatic about, and I was, briefly.  However, since he did respond to that treatment, the Dr. Informed me that he is still very cautious right now.  The positive response could be for 1 of 3 reasons: 1. It could be because it actually took care of a lingering virus or bacteria, 2. It is only temporarily "masking" a bacteria since azythromycin can do that or 3. That he could have a localized GVHD (graft vs. Host disease) to the lungs.  It just happens that steroids and azythromycin is the treatment for GVHD of the lungs, with the exception that it is in higher doses and for 6-9 months!    Needless to say, I can't imagine giving him steroids for that long!  So we are on close watch right now and have to take him back on Thursday to check his sats and see how his lungs sound.

Otherwise I had a great week with visits from Brendon and Sandy and we finally got to eat at "The Nook" a famous burger dive.  They all said the burgers were the best!  I scored big time at Bingo ( which I never do) and the best part of my week was when I opened my door on Friday evening to see my AZ friends Kim, Suzette and Stefanie!   They totally surprised me and stole me away for the weekend.  Thank you Brian, Chris and Richard for taking their kids for the weekend and Paul and Rachel for taking mine, so I could shed my mursing and mommy duties and just be a "girl".  I actually enjoyed shopping again.  Also thanks to Laurel who kept up the rouse.  I did suspect something was up, but did not expect to see those 3 at my door.  We went to the Diercks Bentley concert, toured the sculpture garden, shopped at Mall of America and shared some great laughs and some tears too!  

Out return date is still a bit tentative with this new possibility of GVHD but are still hoping to go home on November 1st.