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Monday, May 6, 2013

Create MPS Awareness with our Legislators

Resolution to Recognize National MPS Awareness Day on May 15th

More awareness may mean lawmakers supporting increased funding for research and new researchers entering the field.  Simply stated, increased awareness is the all important first step towards cures for our diseases.  Each member needs to hear from at least 10 consituents before taking action.  The more congressmen/women we reach the better chance we have  of being heard so pass on to friends from other states.   
One day each year we pause to celebrate and remember all those whose lives have been impacted by MPS and to raise awareness about these devastating diseases.  National MPS Awareness Day is important because it honors everyone who has been diagnosed with MPS and related diseases,  including those who are no longer with us, and to be thankful for the strength and support we both receive and give to each other.   U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina is once again sponsoring a resolution to recognize National MPS Awareness Day on May 15th - and we need your Senators to add their name to the resolution.   This is an important opportunity to increase awareness of MPS.